How to roll a pure joint easily in 7 steps

Here’s everything you need to roll a joint easily.

Rolling a grass joint is easy. There are two popular techniques that can be used to roll a pot joint: one with tobacco and the other with pure cannabis. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages.

Why smoke a pure joint?

Joints rolled with cannabis are a good option because tobacco is an extremely unhealthy, addictive and harmful substance. A recent study has even revealed that tobacco is the most harmful addictive substance for society, mainly because of its prevalence, addiction and impact on life expectancy.

We therefore do not encourage smoking a joint with tobacco.

Although smoking is not good for the lungs, research has shown that cannabis is not as harmful to the lungs as tobacco. This may be the main reason why you would choose to smoke a joint instead of smoking with tobacco. The other obvious advantages are that it will taste better and it will inevitably be more potent.

How do I roll a CBD cannabis joint?

1. Prepare enough cannabis to produce a normal sized joint, usually about 1g.

2. Using a grinder, mix your CBD herb so that it is very fine.

3. Make a filter for your joint by using filter tips or by getting filters already made. If you don’t have one, you can use a business card or something similar.

4. Place the filter at the end of your rolling paper. Sprinkle your ground cannabis into your rolling paper evenly.

5. Take the paper in your hands.

6. Lick the end of the rolling paper to moisten it and then roll your leaf to stick to it.

7. Tap the filter of your joint on a table to pack the cannabis inside, then turn it on.

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