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Hélène Phoa was a graduate of the Research Master Gender Studies at Utrecht University. The program coordinates courses offered across the University into a curriculum in feminist and queer/LGBT studies, with an emphasis on diversity and transnationality. Gender studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to analysing gender identity and gendered representation. You must complete Gender Studies by writing a Research Master's thesis (30 EC) that is based on original research. Courses taken at other universities must be relevant to the developing study and research interests in the Research MA Gender Studies. The specific objectives are: 1. The Master's Programme Gender Studies (Research) lasts for two years and has a 120 EC study load. TU’s program analyzes how contemporary and historical dynamics impact women and men while exploring ways in which they seek equality. Please refer to the programme book as a supplement to the student website and as a guide during your first weeks of the academic year. You are strongly encouraged to spend a semester at a university abroad and to participate in the International NOISE Summer School for Advanced Interdisciplinary Women's Studies, organized every year by the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University (unfortunately the NOISE Summer School will not take place this year due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus). Teachers are not trained to do justice to gender sensitive textbooks. The Gender Studies program at Saint Michael’s College focuses on questions of gender and difference, the body and sexuality. THE COMPASS: Learning for the Life You Want, Academic Advising: Navigating New College, Office of Outreach & Inclusive Excellence, Medieval & Renaissance Studies Conference, French Language and Literature Curriculum, German Language and Literature Curriculum, Russian Language and Literature Curriculum, Spanish Language and Literature Curriculum, International and Area Studies Curriculum, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Curriculum, Dual Bachelor Degrees in Liberal Arts and Engineering, Office of Research Programs & Services (ORPS), Open, Ready to Teach and Listening to Science, Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, Intro-level GS course in the Humanities (ex: Art & Gender; American Masculinities, etc), Intro-level GS course in the Social Sciences (Sociology of Gender and the Body; Women and Gender in China, etc), GS course in the Natural Sciences (ex: Public Health Disparities; Sex, Gender, Mind, and Brain, etc), Interdisciplinary project or GS group ISP (ex: Bystander Intervention), Advanced level GS course in Humanities, Social Sciences or Natural Sciences (Contemporary Gender Seminar; Stigma & Prejudice; Close Relationships; Queer Studies; Topics in Feminist Philosophy; Ethnography; Embodiment: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and the Arts; Whose Renaissance?, etc), Course or tutorial on theories of Gender and/or Sexuality (ex: Feminist, Queer, and Trans Theory), A course in methods (qualitative/quantitative) in GS or an appropriate field (ex: Introduction to Sociological Research Methods), An interdisciplinary project or GS group ISP (ex: Bystander Intervention) or Internship, Advanced level GS course in Humanities, Social Sciences or Natural Sciences (Contemporary Gender Seminar; Stigma & Prejudice; Close Relationships; Queer Studies; Topics in Feminist Philosophy; Ethnography; Embodiment: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and the Arts; Whose Renaissance?, Intersectionality; African Stories; etc), GS course in the Humanities or Social Sciences, Intro or Advanced level (ex: Performing Gender, Class and Identity in Early Modern Drama, Women and Gender in China, etc), A course in methods (qualitative/quantitative) in GS or an appropriate field (ex: sociology), Advanced level GS course in Humanities, Social Sciences or Natural Sciences (Contemporary Gender Seminar; Stigma & Prejudice; Close Relationships; Queer Studies; Topics in Feminist Philosophy; Ethnography; Embodiment: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and the Arts; Whose Renaissance? modules from the one-year MA Gender Studies (on condition that the number of EC from that master does not exceed 10 EC). The Programme is offered by the School of Women and Gender Studies and its overall Objective is to develop the capacity to analyze and understand women, gender and development issues at the postgraduate level. After an introduction to som… The lack of trained teachers comes in the way of a gender sensitive classroom. Your mentor and/or the programme coordinator are available if you require assistance selecting your courses. New College students must satisfy both the requirements of the Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC), New College’s general education program, and the specific requirements for the Area of Concentration (AOC). It includes women's studies (concerning women, feminism, gender, and politics), men's studies and queer studies. Gender Studies is a multi-discipline that incorporates a variety of questions, problems, theories, and methods in the analysis of structures, operations, relations, and representations of gender. The interdepartmental Program in Feminist Studies provides students with the background and skills to investigate the significance of gender and sexuality in all arenas in human life. ; Intersectionality; African Stories; etc), An interdisciplinary course or tutorial, or student's choice. Students meet AOC requirements by completing courses offered by the Gender Studies and cross-listed and Gender Studies-eligible courses (a roster of 20+ courses are offered each semester), as well as tutorials and ISPs. Geert Ten Dam, Women's Studies International Forum, Vol. Each block you take 15 EC worth of courses. You can choose between three tracks: The compulsory courses are core research seminars in "Gender Theory" and "Gender Research Methods and Skills". We’ve put some checkpoints in place so that you make the most of your time at New College. See bottom of page for a concise list of classes that fulfill general education and multicultural requirements. With so many opportunities each term, the pathway below is provided as an example of how a student could complete the requirements for graduation. Hélène was too young when she passed away in 2019. If you wish to deviate from the curriculum, you must first ask your programme’s Board of Examiners for approval or exemption. View recommendations. The elective courses, seminars, and tutorials will train you for independent research in a specialized topic or theme within the field of Gender and Postcolonial Studies. Throughout the semester we will explore the construction and maintenance of norms governing sex, gender, and sexuality, with an emphasis on how opportunity and inequality operate through categories of race, ethnicity, class, ability and nationality. Some cross-cultural or intersectional work is required for both Joint-Disciplinary and full AOCs. When you start this programme, you will be registered for its exam programme. Below you will find a detailed description of your curriculum. You can also see a chart view here. Your study progress report lists all of your current results, and tells you how far along you are in meeting your exam requirements. In order to complete your Master's programme you will need to meet the exam requirements. The goals of the department were created using backwards curriculum design and integrate principles of assessment and iterative development to provide a robust foundation that can adapt to rapid changes in the interdisciplinary field of feminist studies. These disciplines study gender and sexuality in the fields of literature, linguistics, human geogra… Women's Studies continues to reflect in its curriculum and faculty research the constantly changing directions that multiple first and third world feminisms are taking today. The Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) is a 12-credit curriculum that both draws on courses offered across The New School and offers its own courses, such as the core course, Gender and Its Discontents. About. Requirements may be met by courses offered by the GSP, and cross-listed or Gender Studies-eligible courses; tutorials and ISPS may also be used, with approval of the sponsoring professor and the GS Program Advisor. As students investigate power relations, social inequalities, and modes of resistance, they consider how social constructs shape the production of knowledge in given fields at particular moments and locales. Gender Studies in different Universities of Pakistan. 11997 . You are here. * Students who have successfully accumulated 21 units required by the concentration programme may apply for graduation with concentration in March of your final year. There is thus a special relationship between the media studies area of the discipline and gender studies, this is the area where new feminist approaches from the fields of cultural studies … Internships are required for all students seeking the full Gender Studies Area of Concentration. Based on these criteria and your Study Progress Review, the Board of Examiners determines whether you have graduated. As a student of this programme, you may also take the supplementary course Academic Writing in English. INTRODUCTION From Gender Studies to Gender IN Studies and beyond Laura GRÜNBERG ‘WHY’ BEFORE THE ‘HOW’ QUESTION We all know that it is naïve to think of the school curriculum as neutral knowledge. MA programs, course and syllabi in partner countries. Please also check the Graduate Gender Studies website. The interdisciplinary MA in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies requires 36 semester hours and prepares graduates for professional employment and for further study. Gender Studies User menu. Natural Sciences: Current Issues in Human Genetics, Public Health Disparities, Sex, Gender, Mind and Brain. J. Gilbert, new Zealand Annual Revuew of Education, 1999 . Do you have a question or remark about this page? All students take the common core (9 credit hours) and capstone experience (6 credit hours) plus 21 or more additional hours. Integration of gender studies content into the curriculum: Gender studies concepts should generally be integrated into the module description, both in theoretical basic modules (introduction to literary studies, literary theory) and in literary history modules (middle ages/modern period). 40 EC Core Curriculum in the course planner: V), including Research Design Seminar I or II (in the course planner: VK), 10 EC Research School  (in the course planner: T1), 20 EC Electives A (in the course planner: T1). In memory of her life, her courage and her commitment to Gender Studies, the family of Hélène Phoa made it possible to award a yearly prize of 1000 Euro for a gender studies thesis. She graduated in 2018. Sometimes, gender studies is offered together with study of sexuality. We also encourage students to pursue Gender Studies in an international context; students should consider studying a foreign language or undertaking a semester of study abroad to enhance their understanding of gender beyond the U.S. They provide in-depth engagement with theory and methodology in the field of Gender Studies: The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG), hosted by Utrecht University, offers the course Gender Studies Now in block 3. Gender figures, by contrast, are seen as the central cultural encoding media. Please let us know. Students generally apply for the Gender Studies AOC (joint or full) at the start of their fifth contract. View courses. A master's degree in Gender studies will give you the ability to work independently on central issues related to gender, feminism, gender equality, power and knowledge production. Students work with the Gender Studies Program Advisor and faculty affiliates to develop a program of study tailored to their interests in Gender Studies. See the example (pdf, in Ducth) for an explanation of the Study Progress Report. Joint-Disciplinary Gender Studies AOC students need to complete at least 5 full-term equivalents, plus the thesis: Students generally complete the full AOC requirements with between 8-10 courses, plus the thesis. Enabling Mechanisms People Programs, projects & activities ENTRY POINTS OF GENDER … To provide high level training focusing on gender, women and developmental issues; 2. Women’s and gender studies examines how gender and other intersecting factors such as race, class, culture, sexuality and age have shaped the life experiences of women and men from diverse backgrounds. © 2021 new college of Florida. They may then list the course on their Gender Studies Application Form and get it approved. Each student completes a Provisional AOC Plan in the fifth contract to select an AOC, and each student submits a Thesis Prospectus/AOC Form in the sixth contract. Amongst other sources, the discipline draws upon several decades of work which has been informed by women issues studied within the women studies field. IntegrAtIng genDer Into tHe CUrrICULA For HeALtH proFeSSIonALS Based upon the review, case-studies and discussions at the meeting, and their own experiences, participants came up with basic lists of core gender competencies for physicians and public health In order to graduate, you will need to meet your programme's exam requirements as described in the Education and Examination Regulations. Search . Internships and volunteer service-learning opportunities are recommended for students completing the Joint-Disciplinary AOC and required for the full AOC. A curriculum for on optional course on gender and gender-based violence for higher education institutions in Lebanon. Gender Studies Curriculum Development Specialist. Note: At least one course must have an explicitly cross-cultural or intersectional focus (ex: African Stories; Intersectionality; Ethnography), New College of Florida5800 Bay Shore RoadSarasota, FL 34243(941) 487-5000. Recommendations on Gender Studies Curriculum. Note that courses listed under the heading ‘Results-Other’ are not part of the examination syllabus and do not appear on the IDS. The Senior Project may be sponsored by any member of the faculty, but at least one committee member should be affiliated or core faculty in Gender Studies and agree to be responsible for evaluating the gender component(s) of the project. All rights reserved. This course creates a conversation between the current research undertaken in the research school at the various partner universities in the Netherlands. Each term you’ll meet with a faculty advisor to discuss courses, tutorials, internships, or other academic experiences. FILIA Center supports by its actions: gender equality, women empowerment, gender-sensitive education, gender-sesnsitive public policies, studies and research including the gender dimension, women's po The WGSS undergraduate curriculum centers on students engaging with six programmatic goals via an open curriculum model. The Gender Studies program values and encourages students to engage in internships and other extra-curricular activities. The Course Schedule identifies two kinds of cross-listed classes: those that are automatically counted towards fulfilling the Gender Studies requirements and those that are designated as Gender Studies-eligible courses, for which the instructor’s permission must be requested and granted early in that term. In case your request is granted, the changes will be processed in OSIRIS and integrated into your exam programme and Study Progress Review. View your study progress report in OSIRIS > tab Progress. The academic year is divided into 4 blocks. This website requires javascript to be enabled for full functionality. NOTE: At least four of the courses listed for a student’s AOC must be at an advanced level, and those courses must include work in at least two disciplines (or one discipline and one interdisciplinary field, other than Gender Studies). The Gender inclusiveness of a women's history curriculum in secondary education . Gender Loops – Gender reform of the curriculum Next to the above named electives from the Research MA Gender Studies, you may choose to attend courses outside this curriculum, both within and outside the Faculty of Humanities of Utrecht University, as well as at other (Dutch) universities. CEU Home; Log in; Apply Now; Sign up for more; Calendar / Schedules; Facebook; Youtube; Search form. Gender Studies (master's two years) Would you like a study that opens several doors in to the labour market? to top . Humanities:  Religion and Gender, Topics in Feminist Philosophy, Nineteenth-Century British and American Women Writers, Motherhood: Images and Experience. Schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor to discuss which courses satisfy the LAC and which satisfy the AOC. Social Sciences: Sociology of Gender and the Body, Queer Studies, Women and Gender in China, Stigma and Prejudice, Intersectionality. Curriculum. ; Intersectionality; African Stories, etc), Advanced level GS course in Humanities, Social Sciences or Natural Sciences (Contemporary Gender Seminar; Stigma & Prejudice; Close Relationships; Queer Studies; Topics in Feminist Philosophy; Ethnography; Embodiment: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and the Arts; Whose Renaissance? Mid-level; Posted on 16 October 2007; United Nations Development Programme; Afghanistan; Closing on 31 October 2007; Apply now; Save for later; Exploring gender with the tools of different, and often multiple, disciplines, Women's and Gender Studies subjects strive to help MIT students better understand how knowledge and value take different forms depending on a variety of social variables. Gender Equity Statements in the New Zealand Curriculum . Few disciplines in the Social Sciences are more pivotal than Gender Studies at this moment in history. 100 Introduction to Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies This course offers an introduction to central concepts, questions and debates in gender and sexuality studies from US, Women of Color, queer and transnational perspectives. After detailed discussion and in depth analysis of framework/scheme of studies, Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) and course contents; the curriculum was finalized. Some examples of student internships include: SPARCC (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center) Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County Family Law Connection ALSO Youth  Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida. These opportunities allow students to gain real-world experience and to prepare for graduate school and employment. * Students must take ONE required course and SIX elective courses to fulfill the Concentration requirements. Click below to submit the application. The amended draft of the Gender Studies curriculum is presented in annexure “A”. Also, even if teachers are trained the most of the teaching programmes of the country lack gender studies. The curriculum has been updated, but the syllabus of Bachelor of Education remains the same. You can only start your Master's thesis after you have successfully completed at least 55 EC of the core curriculum and/or electives. Students should meet with the Program Advisor or any faculty affiliate to discuss program application or requirements. non-compulsory modules offered by the RMA programme in Gender Studies; modules offered by other RMA programmes within the Humanities at the Utrecht Faculty of Humanities (check the. In what follows, a “course-equivalent” is defined as an activity representing a full term of work (i.e., a semester-long course, tutorial, or IRP, or alternatively, a January-term ISP, which consists of an intensive monthlong single activity). Note: the theory and intersectional courses may be met with one of the Divisional courses listed above. Its rise to prominence, especially in Western universities after 1990, has been noted as a success of deconstructionism. This will include engaging with ways of ‘doing’ femininity and masculinity and constructing gendered identity at the interface of race and sex. Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (SC210) Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies provides a broad overview of the role of gender in society. Faculty and CEO can help students find local or national placements. View concepts. What is Gender Studies? Concepts of MA Programs in Partner Countries. The courses that are listed on your Study Progress Review will appear on the International Diploma Supplement (IDS), the attachment that you receive with your diploma. Tutorial Gender Studies (I/II), in which you discuss a reading list focusing on a specific topic with a specialist in this area Next to the above named electives from the Research MA Gender Studies, you may choose to attend courses outside this curriculum, both within and outside the Faculty of Humanities of Utrecht University, as well as at other (Dutch) universities., Online directory for Women's and Gender Studies worldwide 30 EC Research Master's Thesis (in the course planner: V), 40 EC Core Curriculum (in the course planner: V), including Research Design Seminar I or II (in the course planner: VK), 10 EC Research School (in the course planner: T2), at least 12.5 EC Electives A (in the course planner: T2), 15 EC Internship (in the course planner: T2), 40 EC Core curriculum (in the course planner: V), including Research Design Seminar II (in the course planner: VK), 5 EC Research School (in the course planner: T3), at least 7.5 EC Electives A (in the course planner: T3), 30 EC Study Abroad (in the course planner: T3), Elective courses in “Gender Studies in Context” are, Feminist and Queer Studies: Special Topics, Tutorial Gender Studies (I/II), in which you discuss a reading list focusing on a specific topic with a specialist in this area. Home › Courses › Curriculum 2020-2021 › Curriculum 2020-2021 . you may also take the supplementary course, Student psychologist & academic integrity counsellor, Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies, International NOISE Summer School for Advanced Interdisciplinary Women's Studies, Guideline exams missed due to illness or force majeure. Navigating the field of gender studies, we will start by looking into the history of debate about gender and sexuality, and the key definitions developed by feminist critics. In addition to the courses required for the Joint-disciplinary AOC (listed above), students must meet four additional requirements: When undertaking courses or projects not cross-listed under Gender Studies, students must ask faculty to indicate on their term evaluation that their work fulfills Gender Studies requirements and alert the Program Advisor of this arrangement. This is a 'translation' of the exam requirements described in the Education and Examination Regulations. Additional or specialized coursework in Gender Studies may take the form of group tutorials or Independent Research Projects, January Interterm Projects (ISPs), volunteer work or internships and other practical experiences, and of course, Senior Projects, including theses. In recent years, new research and cultural studies have encouraged many to reconsider gender roles, challenge perceptions of gender identity, face gender bias, and question the very notion of a universal gender definition.

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