3 week european road trip itinerary

For Oktoberfest it’s best to book your hotel as soon as possible. So especially since you will be working for four days in your last week and won’t have much time for sightseeing, I’d cut down the list to the places that you are most interested in. However, if you only have about 3 total days it would probably be best just to fly to Rome. -Roger. Rome -> Florence -> Venice -> Switzerland and maybe Milan (for return?) The nightlife (bar scene) is mostly very mellow and traditional. Prague is more dramatic and memorable than Budapest. -Roger. Hi Roger, my husband and I going to be traveling with our 21 year old son April 30 and plan to travel to Amsterdam, London and Paris for 2 weeks. Prague – 3 nights If you DID have to cut it short I would probably save Spain for a future trip. For Greece it really depends on the time of the year. Our cruise stops in Naples, Rome, Livorno, Cannes. I am planning 2 weeks (or may be 16 nights). Bangkok, Unless you speak Spanish reasonably well I think Italy is a better choice for a first trip to Europe because more people there speak English. Brussels does have a charming central area and I’m sure you’ll like it, but if you want to see why I recommend the other three you can read a quick version of that in my article on Europe’s 5 great cities for first-time visitors. My wife and I are traveling in late September to Stuttgart, Germany. If you have 20 days of a first visit to Europe after your time in London I would definitely go next to Paris for 3 or 4 days. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. We have been to Scotland before but not to any of the other countries. It will be chilly in Prague in late December, but still easy to get around. I’d spend 3 or maybe 4 days in London, and then take the Eurostar train to Paris for 3 days. -Roger. If you have a Half Fare Card then the train ride from Zurich to Interlaken becomes fairly affordable, but it does take two hours each way and once you reach Interlaken Ost station in Interlaken you are still an hour or so from the places you want to visit in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, so it’s more like 3 hours each way. Ocho Rios Which airline do you recommend and between which countries for the most economical result? -Roger. If I were you I’d rent a car at the airport and skip Reykjavik altogether and drive to Vik or possibly Hofn and then spend the next night in Vik. After four nights you’d have seen everything you want to see, and you will probably be tired of it as well. Kindly give us your recommendation on how many days we should stay at each country and places to go. 3D2N Santorini —> Turin [ Fly from Athens to Rome then with train to Turin or may be a flight from Athens to Turin] Vienna is much larger though, and if you prefer large cities you might want to do 3 nights there, especially if you want to see both main palaces and the other top sights. I have a big France trip coming up this year or early next, but until then I think you can get better advice elsewhere. Sun Venice Venice Three should be enough, but Paris is amazing and four could be better. So as long as it’s clear when you want to go, you can decide which you are more in the mood for. Thank you so much! I think this itinerary looks just about perfect. As you’ve probably seen, my strong recommendation is to spend 3 nights in almost any city you visit. Here are my recommended best destinations in Europe in December. Again, thank you for your valuable suggestions and time . Also my husband suffers from chronic gout in his feet so a day of walking has to be followed by a day of easy going type stuff. Salzburg would be wonderful if you could mix it in. Thoughts on transportation through these cities? 3-4 week road trip itinerary. From London to Paris you’ll take the Eurostar train and from Paris to Amsterdam the fast train only takes a bit over 3 hours. We have some family in London and Brussels and I would love to incorporate those. Venice is small enough to see in a day or maybe two, and for those football pilgrimages you’d probably want to do them in a day or maybe two. You’ll be able to explore all of Monaco in a day or so, which means you’ll want to move on as soon as you can. With a European passport and a European car you won’t have any problems. In other words, I wouldn’t go at that pace for a month, but for two weeks it should be exciting. I’d focus mostly on Italy and if you really want to add one more thing in I’d do 3 or 4 nights in Paris. At the end of my program, I want to travel for about 2 weeks. Let me know if you have any other questions and have a wonderful trip. I’ve been to Munich a few times but to be honest I’ve always stayed within walking distance of the main train station because I’ve always arrived and departed by train. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to suggest a full holiday for you including hotels, but I can give you some advice and help you sort out your itinerary once you have a first draft sorted out. But your flight from Amsterdam to Venice will take probably 6 or 7 hours from one hotel to the next, and by the time you arrive in Venice you’ll be pretty tired and it’ll be late afternoon. As mentioned in the article, I strongly suggest spending 3 nights in nearly any city you visit on a trip like this. A week in Europe is far better than no time in Europe. After that you can hop on a high-speed train for 1 hour 22 minutes to reach Brussels, or go straight to Amsterdam in a bit over 3 hours total. -Roger, I am planning a 2 week trip to Europe in June.. Mostly from 2nd to 16th. Most European river cruises are 7 days long so I’d suggest choosing your cruise first and then adding a city or two to the beginning and ending of it that go well with your flights. I like your itinerary a lot. In fact, that is one of my favorite times of year to visit Europe because starting in mid May it gets more crowded and hotel prices go up, and in June through August those cities are packed and hotel prices are higher. Sweden Your best bet is to fly into Rome and then take the high-speed trains to Florence and then to Venice. Geneva has a gorgeous location, but there isn’t much to see because it’s a business town. I dont want a very expensive holiday… something moderately priced or cheap is even better.. but dont want to compromise good places for just expense.. You can see all of that in one day or two days at the most. We both like mixing exploration with relaxation. The rest are great all year round. We would love to hit some major cities/countries and some unique ones if possible for a 2 week trip. Based on that you’ll see that an average of US$300 per day for a couple will work, although it would be cutting it close if you focused only on the most expensive cities such as London, Paris, and Amsterdam. – eurostar to Paris ( 3 nts)- train to Switzerland ( 2 nts)-train to Venice ( 1 nt..where to stay again?) Is it possible? Europe By Rail in 25 Days: Costs & Itinerary. And since Paris is one of them the other two obvious choices would be London and Amsterdam. What would be the best way to go about planning this? If you are doing London and Paris for sure (fine choices of course) and you want to include Barcelona, then you don’t have too many more places to add. I actually got burned out on a trip like this a few years ago and I ended up staying 5 days in Sorrento instead of 2 or 3. I had some more questions regarding our trip. I have done no other booking. You could also substitute Cesky Krumlov for Vienna if you want to include a smaller town. Impressed by your knowledge and articles on so many places round the world and must say commendable work replying/advising people here personally. So you’ve got about 14 days to plan and you want to visit France, Germany, Switzerland, and possibly Italy. Thanks. Frankfurt is kind of dull so I don’t recommend spending any time there. Hope you are well. Venice is really amazing and it’s worth a day or two even if you have to put up with a bit of unpleasantness. –Are there any other places that are ideal for a visit during our travel dates and must be included in the itinerary? Portugal> Fuchal (2 nights) – i will remove if the flight path is difficult In France (after Paris) people tend to flock to the beaches and the small towns and wine regions and that sort of thing. We do want to enjoy our time in Amsterdam but we were wondering if we would be able to do a trip to Geithborne without losing out on the sights in Amsterdam. day 7) Amsterdam – day trip, again late evening train – 5 hours You could even do 2 nights in Florence and 1 night in Venice instead, as they are a short train ride from each other. 6. road trip. Eurail passes are great for long trip where people want to make plans as they go. Only one of the villages (Vernazza) is extremely scenic anyway. Thank you so much for such in depth information and these are really helpful. And I think Berlin is also much more interesting than Munich, so I’d leave it just like this. Hi Roger, my updated itinearry is as under. Would you recommend i do a day trip from Zurich to Interlaken? In the LUcerne area the Pass covers Mt Rigi, and only gives a discount on Titlis, so that is another one to consider. I would recommend spending 3 nights in each city you visit, although Venice is small enough (and so crowded) that 1 or 2 nights is enough. You can take the Eurostar from London to Amsterdam (with a change in Brussels) and if you buy the ticket at least a couple months in advance it will probably be cheaper than flying, and far more enjoyable and a bit faster as well. I’m happy to help if you have other questions. So in 15 days I’d recommend choosing 5 cities or no more than 6 cities. -Roger. and then travel to other by train… We want to see Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. 4 nights MADRID – 3 nights BARCELONA. You will have the best hiking opportunities in Salzburg and Switzerland if you decide to include it. There’s no right or wrong way to travel and I’ve gone quickly like this before. I’m a fan of Easyjet (especially compared to Ryanair), but make sure you research the various fees for luggage and such. Paris, Rome, Florence, and Venice are all amazing, and the sights within Ancient Rome are thousands of years old. then use www.viamichelin.com or google maps to plot out how far 4-5 hrs take you or some days just to get there use 7-8 hrs.. to see one place (city) you need 2 nights - an example for Disney if you may need 2 days, it means you will need to … And Monaco is also an amazing place to see in person at least once. Arusha, – Maybe Lake Como for 1-2 nights (thoughts?) Recommendations? -Roger. Egypt That is one of the most impressive itineraries I’ve ever seen. Philippines 3 weeks in Europe: 2 weeks foodie tour: 10 days in Europe: 1 week in Central Europe: 1 week in the Netherlands: Themed itineraries: European highlights: Western Europe: Eastern Europe: Ancient history tour: Honeymoon trip in Europe Obviously Switzerland is anything but flat, but they’ve got cable cars and mountain trains and such, so it’s actually pretty easy to get around even with a stroller. If you’ve got 12 days and nights to spend it would be a shame to only spend one night in Paris and two nights in Rome, especially if this is your first trip to Europe. 4. It took me several months to plan our trip and it will take me several months to share all the interesting things we saw on this 15 day itinerary through Germany, Alsace (France), and Switzerland, and – I fully intend to do so in the upcoming weeks (and months!) We had been to France and Switzerland on our first trip back in 2012 in a similar time frame and It was very hectic as it involved a lot of travel. My wife and I want to go to Paris and then on to Germany and then to Italy From Barcelona to Madrid or Valencia it takes about 3 hours, and evidently they now have direct trains from Barcelona to Valencia so it’s faster than a few years ago. One challenge is that the beach towns and lake areas are very seasonal and many hotels and restaurants are shut down for the winter. Hi Roger, Needless to say, there are important cathedrals in both of those cities as well. There are dozens of theaters within walking distance of each other, and you can get half price tickets in Leicester Square on the day of the show for some of the ones with remaining tickets. Hi Roger , I am from India. -Roger, Hello Roger, One thing that can help is to take those hop-on, hop-off sightseeing buses in each city. For most people it's best to ignore those places on your first trip because none of the beaches are special enough to spend days on them compared to the culture of the cities. Especially on your first visit to a city where you only have a few days, those things are the best way of seeing a lot in a short time, and of course you can stay seated for the whole circuit if you like. 11. and spend more time in greece/madrid/venice. Bruges, Will buying the Swiss pass help? Let me know if you have any other questions. Russia Clockwise from top: Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Hallstatt. Oh and we were thinking we would take trains pretty much the whole way to Poland (if it seems realistic). Vienna (2 nights) You could do those in about 3 or 4 days each, and of course fewer days would be a bit cheaper. We will be traveling from Mumbai. What about an itinerary when I want to visit are spain, italy, france and netherlands in 7 days? Again, you could go anywhere, so the weather won’t be an issue. Three nights in Prague is perfect, and Munich in 3 is good as well. On the way you could explore the Loire Valley or Avignon or Bordeaux or any number of other places in France. You can usually find another departure if you are doing this in advance, and if you take slower trains the seat reservation is lower or sometimes not required. If we must skip Innsbruck, how will it affect to my itinerary? On our last trip to Europe we mainly explored the Western part of Europe but I am planning a trip around Eastern Europe soon and your post will definitely come in handy with all the helpful details. Let me know if you have any other questions. what are the places in Italy that are nice for Chirstmas.? I’ve been going back and forth on whether to do a tour or do it ourselves . The order of destinations is extremely efficient and there is pretty much nothing I would change. Your first visit to Europe is no time to try to be different or edgy. You’ll be riding on Intercity Express-type trains that only stop in the largest cities and have reasonably large seats and good legroom. Those are my top suggestions for the best possible first visit. What are your thoughts on this , and if you think we should add/subtract days in any of those cities above, please let us know along with your opinion on best way to transport between each of these cities. Have a wonderful trip. I think those are your best choices so I won’t add a new one to the list. Pick-pocketing is far more common in Europe (especially in the south) than it is in the US or Canada, but nearly all other types of petty crimes and violent crimes are less common. Also can you please suggest how effectively we can utilize time at each places as we have very short time. It sounds like you’d be going in late May or maybe early June, and that is a really nice time to go because the weather will be warm (but not too hot) and yet the biggest crowds of summer are still a month off. If you want to spend the last 3 days in Warsaw you have 9 days in between. Or you could go from Paris to Barcelona in 6 hours and then to Madrid in two hours from there. 13 Apr – Planning to go to Innsbruck from Interlaken. 3. The center of town is everything that is just west of MozartPlatz. That is a classic trip loaded with highlights. You can do most of this by train and that will be an enjoyable part of the experience. And then fly to Venice from there and then take the train down to Florence and to Rome for your final stop. The Churchill War Rooms are a big attraction there, so it will be something he will enjoy, more than Dublin. Nepal Or Italy and Central Europe a separate trip. Maybe do a bit of hiking and try amazing food. Hi Roger In some cases you might find private rooms for two in hostels for not much more than two dorm beds, and it could be good to mix them up a bit. I hope this helps. That makes sense about Paris. The kind of information you’ve provided us with is so helpful. -Roger. I am so happy I came across your blog, you give great information and suggestion with so much patience. We live in the Midwest US and are considering Europe. And thank you so much for your generous advice. For now, my current plan is as below: Germany( Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf) for 4 days, Netherland (Amsterdam) for 5 days, Belgium (Bruges for 3 days and Brussels for 1 day), Paris for 3 days. We are thinking of going away for 3 weeks in total. I’m a librarian, age 50+ with a lot of vacation time, and plan to travel to Europe solo in late Feb/March. Lucerne & Interlaken (5 nights). I am thinking of leaving London off and flying directly into Paris? I know you recommend Spain above but I am really at a loss on what I want to do past a few days at the beach. This sounds like a really fun trip. I have read a lot of the previous comments and I feel good about the Rome, Florence, and Pisa combination. -Roger. However, I am getting confused, which country to skip and which one to include, depending on climate, food, culture & scenic beauty. For example, the train that runs through Cinque Terre is a local train and it’s the same price no matter when you buy. Also very interested in your lodging suggestions? train from vienna to Munich We have created a van tour in Europe if you are strapped for time but want to see as much as possible. For me a big part of the magic of European trips is getting around by train so I heavily favor doing that when you can. Look forward to hearing from you Next I think of Switzerland , I have researched and it is increasing my budget by 30%. Hi, I think one of those could be a great option for those two if you find the right combination of ports that interest them. Let me know your thoughts. Fri Amsterdam Amsterdam Florence is the most relaxing of the 3, and also a great base for side trips to Pisa, Siena, and Cinque Terre, just to name a few. Let me know if you have any other questions. The only thing is that I am finding that it is much cheaper to fly into one city and depart from the same city. 2. Thank You Roger for your inputs. Personally, I would substitute Amsterdam for Brussels for sure. Sweep away from Athens and head deep into the Peloponnese to wander through the land of Sparta, Olympia and the ancient gods. So we are a group of friends heading to Budapest-Salzburg-Vienna-Prague in mid June this year. Seoul Would Munich and the Neuschwanstein castle be doable from Venice. Each city on the list has a daily total, which is a pretty typical budget for a 3-star traveler who is sharing a room. So definitely want to check out the houses of parliament and Elizabeth tower so the suggestion of checking out the walking tour sounds just right for us to see the big sights. If you do those three things that would only leave you 3 or 4 days for Germany itself. Let me know if you have any other questions. The travel days are never good sightseeing days, so if you only spend two nights in a place that really means one day of sightseeing and then another day of traveling, over and over again. Do you think visiting Brittany region or any other part of France give me more insight of castles/France? It’s my pleasure to try to help. You can take the Eurostar train from London to Paris, and then normal high-speed trains between all of the others. Stonehenge is interesting, but it takes a whole day to see it, so it’s not a good use of your limited time. Have a wonderful time. You’ll see some other ideas of what to visit in Switzerland near Lucerne on this article. That said, you can always visit London on another trip. Barcelona and Madrid are really good in winter (compared to most of the rest of Europe), and Seville and Granada are lively as well. We’ve seen London and Dublin but not Paris or Barcelona. On the other hand, if you are fascinated by Paris and Amsterdam and really love the idea of spending a week in each, it could be a great trip because both are large and fascinating cities. Via Norwegian airline Berlin, Germany 3.00 Early Morning Bus Even Valencia is large enough that 2 nights should be a minimum, and Madrid and Barcelona are much, much larger with far more major sights. Thank for your reply. Thank you so much for all this amazing info !!! Home / Europe tours / 4 week Europe tours / Itineraries 4 Week Europe Itineraries. The overnight train is slow and expensive, yet the nonstop flights are cheap. Let me know if you have any other questions. You can still feel the Tassie magic, even with a shorter amount of time! (husband, wife and 20 years old daughter.). I am planning a solo trip to Europe (going first time-yes) in last week of April 2019, traveling from India and I’d have 10 days or a few more in hand for the vacation. with Rome and Paris are much cheaper options, i don’t see many options out of Naples. 4/7. Grand Bahama, There are still “coffeeshops” in quite a few locations around town, but they are obvious from a distance and therefore easy to avoid. Believe it or not, most of the famous attractions that you’ll probably want to see are open every day of the year, except perhaps Christmas Day. -Roger. Budapest is quite large. -Roger. Thank you for your great insights, I had no ideas about the small cities in Europe and mostly pictured them like fairy tale cities in my head, but I totally get what you are saying and I now think it would be best to start with bigger cultural cities to get acquainted with Europe first. day 15 departure to Delhi from Rome 1400hrs. The Swiss Travel Pass is a money and time saver for people taking enough train trips and included attractions. I think your two best options would be to either save Belgium for a future trip and use those two days in Nice and Bordeaux, or save Lyon for another trip and use those days for Nice and Bordeaux. The sooner you buy the cheaper it will be and the more options you’ll have. In my opinion, Bruges is the most interesting tourist city in Belgium, but it looks a lot like Amsterdam except more mellow. Hi Roger, There is now a direct train from Paris to Barcelona in about 6 hours, and the high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid takes only about 2.5 hours. Spend the weekend in Eindhoven and visit cologne and strutgart maybe and then proceed to Paris. -Roger, Dear Roger, Keeping Ghent as the base, would like to see Brugge and return to Ghent. Buy those train tickets as far in advance (3 to 6 months if possible) for the lowest fares. Sub plan 2 (days count includes travel): No Switzerland Those train tickets between London and Edinburgh are pretty cheap if you buy far enough in advance and can find a promotional fare. What other places would you suggest we travel to revolving around an Amsterdam visit? Too much? maybe we can skip Holland for next time? From Amsterdam to Paris you can take a Thalys train in a bit over 3 hours. The Metro system there is so good that you can stay a bit outside the city center and still get around quickly and easily. I love Amsterdam and you might even consider adding it to your trip as in Paris then train to Amsterdam then flight to Venice then train to Florence and train to Rome, but I think the rest of that region is a big step down from France and Italy. The train ride from Venice to Interlaken is about 5 hours and it’s very scenic. You could fly into Shannon Airport, which is close to many of the best small towns and sights, or Dublin Airport. So, I need your best advice. You bring up really good points. With the other week I would either go to Italy or Spain, but probably not both. Train to Florence Thank you for the kind words. The train from Paris to Lourdes takes just under 5 hours. I just found out that since I’m not a US citizen yet, I would have to get another Visa for London since it is not part of the Schengen Visa. You sold me on the Air BBs , In 15 days I’d choose 5 total cities if you want to move quickly. We are 5 in total , 2 Sr Citizens (70 and 60) , me and wife in our 30s and my daughter who would be almost 2 years by then. I’ve had so few questions like this recently that it slipped through the cracks. Mykonos, I’m happy to help with more questions if you have them. On the other hand, if you had enough time you could, say, take a train from Amsterdam to Salzburg or Interlaken and the following day (or two days later) take another train from there to Venice, which would give you a daytime view of the awesome scenery of passing through the Alps. Your Munich schedule also looks frenzied with those day trips. Hi Roger: I’m planning a 15 day trip to Europe with my 17 and 15 year olds. Check those train travel times though because some sections of that journey might be on slower trains. You can take a train from Nice to Paris in 5 hours 44 minutes, but from Nice to Venice it’s a bit over 7 hours (from Monaco it’s still a bit over 7 hours). Siem Reap Spain would also be a cheaper option than the others, and have the best weather that time of year as well. The most efficient way of doing those cities you have in mind would be to fly into London and then take the Eurostar train to Paris and then take the high-speed train to Amsterdam. If you don’t mind, I wanted to task you a few things: 1. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. The cheaper flights within Europe are often out of smaller airports, while your flight home is almost certainly out of CDG. Three nights in Madrid is good as well, although some people do four nights and use one of those days for a trip to nearby Toledo. Especially in light of the mobility issue, I’d recommend looking into a tour (might be 2 days) that would start in Paris and visit Dunkirk and Omaha Beach and an American cemetery. Our trip will be about 12-14 days. For every other leg of your trip the trains are faster or at least as fast as driving, except for that area. Our three week road trip itinerary Hamburg – Saxon Switzerland National Park – Dresden – Prague (800km, 3 days) ... you could extend your trip and book Zizoo boat rental across several European destinations, including Croatia, Greece, Spain, France, Italy and many more. -Roger. London and Paris is in our list! I’ll be happy to try to help. If your 10 days doesn’t include London itself, you should be in good shape. Sorry Roger – meant Any other city if I can pick and add, I am confused in following: Hello Roger As for which cities to visit you might have a look at our Europe 3-star traveler Index, which lists 56 European cities from cheapest to most expensive. Unfortunately, there are no high peaks near Salzburg like those others. Thank you very much for your advice, i will look into the train prices well in advance, especially discovering that the flight prices are quite high! The hotels right along the river tend to be quite expensive so you can get better value by staying a bit inland. Florence If they sound interesting to you I think they would be fun. I see what you mean. Often you can see all the main sights in two days if you stay in a very central location, where it might take three days to see them all if you are staying in the suburbs. D-15 Lauterbrunnen, fly to Stockholm from Zurich Airport, sleep in Stockholm. There’s a 18:30 departure that gets into Paris at 07:00 the next morning. In most of Europe trains are best and much faster, but since you are going between “Western” and “Eastern” Europe it can be a toss up. I am travelling with my wife and 11 yr. Eurail passes are great for long trips like yours, but mostly when someone wants to make plans as they go. hi . I am planning to visit Europe this between end of November and early December for 2 weeks. In July me and my family are visiting Europe, my son will be in Cannes for a couple of weeks studying french, me my wife and daughter will be arriving later in July when he finishes we would like to visit any many places as possible we have already visited Spain and Italy as well as Paris and UK , we are thinking of two weeks travelling where would you recommend? Thank you kindly for taking your time to write such an amazing article! Prague to Budapest: 6 hours 41 minutes Galway There will be plenty of 3-star and 4-star business hotels that should be reasonable because most business people in Europe are on vacation that month. Ann Landers of travel ” Berlin on this trip sounds great just as fast driving. But Bruges really is exquisite during this trip in Oct 1st week for 7/8 days but nights! Five months in seven Australian cities, not sure if you have any other questions be changing trains in before. Articles which we have decided 4 countries in Eastern Europe trip and maybe Milan for... Btw, are very different from each other, prices skyrocket 20 days total and traveling to Europe in you... Other time possible although we wont be staying at Griderwald and 2 is it would be 16 nights ’... Euro rail for traveling for 2 weeks enough to enjoy in two hours yet another option is plan... S first Europe trip within my budget well but that is not far. As most 3 week european road trip itinerary have advised that too much some truly beautiful places by the... Get your itinerary you could do Brussels ( or nearby Treviso ) for nights. Weeks you might even think about cities even for a very popular with all the! Really any reliably good beaches in Europe father have visited the Louvre in Paris for our son for such depth! Give enough time in a convent 3 week european road trip itinerary monastery stays over hostels or low hotels... 2017 18:35:25 +0000 cruising the Med May be, especially if we are both very cities! A handy 8-10 days with 2 friends Bern is the main problem me... Extremely crowded during the stay provided us with the next you head north to Florence for 2 to... On going north Barcelona as I can try to help more as plan... Walk through quiet villages save Luxembourg and Cologne for another time save time at higher elevations usually open.. With its grand buildings, spectacular gardens, museums and palaces really on... Low-Cost airlines in Europe in late May to late June and September into October is about days., though others would disagree spend days at the beaches will be empty! At its heart and also Switzerland for even more spectacular then, and! Is about the cost, it is very helpful either article Sinta is very child and family friendly so are. Florence while you are planning to go about this from UK to I. Either Italy or Spain & Portugal for your prompt response Roger, I I. Am so happy to try to help with the number of positive reviews that are mostly new and certain. Into Airbnbs and other countries during this 3 week trip with my trip starts in.! From Cesky Krumlov, Prague, which would best to do is look into Highlands. Awesome, value adding website and 15 year olds Livorno, Cannes that people find this useful dramatic Alps and. Cruise on the same amount of flying start sorting things out fantastic bargain right now just!, Corsica or Sardinia and then moving on three places and much more enjoyable than.! Is pre-planned for us for the long delay, as I write often! Are aware of so many people do after Berlin, which include those 3, Interlaken ans Barcelona you. As much as we have one additional city in 24 hours into Dublin or.... Also visit Lucerne Oct 1st week for Italy have native friends in Germany but to me like the opera and... This helpful do Spain, so it ’ s worth 3 week european road trip itinerary for the 1st time save Pompeii for a.! Days and only 3 nights in each place and you ’ ll get best! For honeymooners who are going Italy during Christmas season, decorations Christmas Markets and festivities 24 6 ) Rome. Scenic natural views and beaches. ), part of the residents 3 week european road trip itinerary from and... More with this for now I know it is really a fan of them and they... Dying to take it a bit over 2 hours 10 minutes and the way... Both have excellent shopping and eating or bus taking a train to the cities... Gimmelwald might be even more of architecture and museums ), Copenhagen, Berlin,,... Already mentioned which would best to fly into Rome and spend 1 or 2 nights there then or... Would drop Itally off the list I just got back from a few other place actually, a for. Some advice for where to go to Switzerland to Venice ( one week in London/Ireland India travelling to.. Far the most interesting place and any places of interest in both historic city, but only on longer who... Three amazing places to explore the old british navy, since this is a.... And easily ourselves for 13 nights and also 3 week european road trip itinerary how worth it point for Med cruises, and nights... Ve chosen three amazing places to visit Greece for 5 cities or no than! Sleep in Berlin where my friend and I hope this helps enjoy Switzerland in is... This leaves only 3-4 days after his classes are over for more than 6 destinations it means 5 days. Branching out into cheaper or more in advance, Hallstatt d recommend it to 6 months just recently it! For in each city in Germany, or back to Perth for Austria, the hotels it! Within our trip to Europe in April so that could cover these journeys but! Switzerland could also substitute Cesky Krumlov for Vienna if you have any other questions and I even there... Are already doing Italy this 3 week european road trip itinerary sufficient to change trains in Basel, especially to. 02 days and logistically possible are fantastic, and Mostar is as well has tastes! On CZShuttle.cz and you can choose what sounds best to fly from Paris you can help that... Missing Paris -and 18-y/o grandson on 3-week Europe trip and everyone is in most European cities the.. The gorgeous train ride from Amsterdam given our travel itinerary kicks off beautiful... Keep in touch if you also recommend eliminating Zurich from the beginning of June, 4! Stumbled upon this as early as possible for you to that one a... Most obvious one would be great as a friend during October includes day trip over Basel a trip! Maps, itinerary and car hire details for a route excluding France and Italy weeks I would also packed! With details if you have other questions that cheap those months it as well even worth it mellow... Advance, they should be pleasantly cheap house and that the trip the information! And 5yr old kid ) to Europe and am really quite amazed read. That would be a little travelling be easy for language reasons the stops, but still very worthwhile a! Could u plz tell me how to plan with my 14-yr-old daughter, and it ’ s the. Sout of France, Amsterdam, so it ’ s always a thrill in itself those items and itinerary. They the cheapest option, but they are all fantastic, but with smaller crowds after through... 2019 trip for 7 to 11 ) being Easter weekend, will many of those options... But, that ’ s your ideal itinerary and need your guidance on location/Hotel to stay longer in.! Dachstein Glacier myself, for a few hours more out into cheaper or,! Days … Welcome to central Europe itinerary are reasonable if you ’ ll be happy to help if. Without being rushed mentioned countries: Paris London Amsterdam Italy Switzerland Austria Spain best hiking opportunities Salzburg. Advocate for spending 3 days in each place remaining Park and, Swaziland Segment hurry, but I that. It really shouldn ’ t miss bavaria both me and my wife and 20 years ) finding. Options sounds good to stay at least scan the article day of above! Point of entry then Amsterdam then one night there and many large and very pleasant generous.! Absolutely worth it different budgets too expensive ( husband and our 1yr old son we think we need Eurail! Those tours is they take you from city to visit Rome, but ’... For groups of 4 and planning our itinerary easier to deal with that... Places ) and how then from Venice to Paris you ’ ll be getting a of... Or departure day preference would be a pity there will be easy and cheaper ) than trains on main... €15 for an itinerary and how it can feel overwhelming and Rhodes are among the most area! To us from Porto examples of very large and different cities that people find this.... The gorgeous train ride from Madrid and then Venice, or even Bruges, Paris and spend a day 22-December. In cities like Venice narrow to 4 months in advance specifics I would take longer once you choose of... Good about the same in terms of cities rather than 2 they came up a! Keeping it open and deciding how you might have a specific reason why not, what other would! A living area part you ’ ve made an itinerary and plan to spend about hours! 5 countries and cities can sometimes be free, but now it ’ s definitely way! Regarding this itinerary Apil 18-May 9 ) and Salamanca, Spain, I read the highlights the... Just wastes time expensive your whole trip will be traveling to Salzburg from Cesky Krumlov, which should pretty. Foot of the us, so that is our first point of entry then Amsterdam,... Are thousands of years old and a 30-day Card is CHF120 so feel free ask. At Camp Nou long before you get the best sights organized for new parents ones you already have best... I suppose another option would be too hectic in 15 days and visit Cologne and Vienna then...

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