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I ordered this product in desperation. 99 Meinungen. Spray away the fear, and feel calmer today. I noticed in the Fear Free modules that they really push the use of pheromones. I first tried the regular Feliway diffuser for one cat, after a family member had moved out and the change in household routine had kitty only wanting to eat when someone was home, etc. They come in different forms including a plug-in diffuser, spray, wipes, collars and also refills for diffusers. Years ago when my other cat N was still with us, I moved house and used Feliway. That didn't make much sense to me, since each individual cat ought to have its own pheromone pattern. He's probably too set in his ways. A clinically proven solution to provide constant comfort to cats at home and help decrease urine spraying, scratching, or hiding FELIWAY MultiCat Diffuser Helps your cats live together in harmony and helping to decrease fighting, chasing and blocking It's a mom and her 3 nearly 6 year old "kittens" and they all harass each other at times. For someone using multiple plugs monthly...a lot. March 4, 2017 at 1:10 pm The vet said let her loose outside in daytime and try to get her in garage at night. No funding from Ceva. I have been citing the study by Frank (2010) at several presentations I have been giving to vet techs and behaviour therapists alike. Helps cats live together in harmony and avoid signs of conflict like fighting, chasing and blocking. What are the benefits of using Feliway or Comfort Zone 1. There is always something to learn from other cat owners. Another good thing to compare it to, in terms of cost: how many TNVR's could this pay for? Using feliway for a year and then finding out you sprayed it all wrong because the little booklet that came in the box sucked…. I think that for many veterinarians and consultants, the line of thinking seems to be, well it might help, and it probably doesn’t hurt…so…why not? In fact, I’d highly recommend against it. And let me know if you find anything else interesting about what the truth is and isn't on Feliway. This means that occasionally a cat will spray on the site directly after Feliway … I've actually been called "sir" on the phone and I didn't like that. Funded by Ceva. Good independent studies and reviews too!!! It's made things worse if anything. I would like to point out though, that in what you wrote of the Mills and Mills 2001 study, "(5-70 times per week for the treatment group, and 8-58 times per week for the placebo group)" -- this is incorrect. Experimenters measured various parameters that could be related to stress: heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and other signs of stress including struggling and vocalization. I paid $54 for a bottle of feliway spray to try for my 11 year old cat his attitude has become more aggressive and hes very jumpy at any sound, and hes in pain from arthritis (just diagnosed), so the vet recommended feliway. Save more with Subscribe & Save. There was no control group. FELIWAY MultiCat Calming Diffuser Refill (6 Pack, 48 ml) | Vet Recommended | Reduce Fighting and Conflict Among Cats, D89442D . Feliway classic uses the F3 part of the feline facial pheromone, which helps cats feel safe and calm. ", Casey Thank you for you comments although it was a few years ago. I’m very thankful to whomever posted exactly the same problem with the diffuser refills and the workaround (here is the link: https://thecatsite.com/threads/feliway-frustration.254393/) - you have to remove the diffuser from the socket and leave it to wick up again overnight or about 7-8 hours. Not sure what to do next...I've emailed Jackson Galaxy 20 times and have had no luck...after tonight's fight breakup I was bit and scratched by her. For example, a controlled study in 2013 showed that a scratching post treated with a synthetic version of feline paw pheromones got more claw time than an untreated post. Design by Star Pet Store. 1ST of all thank you Michael for the in depth research and all other responders for the personal experience testimonies. Like mental health medicine for humans could it be it doesn’t work the same for every cat? Best, (I took these claims from the Feliway website). While I cannot comment about Feliway's effectiveness as a deterrent for spraying or adrenaline inducing adventure of a visit to the vet; I can say that it appears to have helped her be more comfortable within the home. I read one customer review that attributed their cat's medical emergency to having sniffed at the diffuser for a related brand. FAKE REVIEWS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. This product was amazing. Vet said there wasn't much hope and said she may have to be euthanized. Edited to remove typos: This product has been found to reduce scratching, spraying, and hiding for 90% of cats, and many owners see results within 7 days. I would recommend keeping the cats separated until you can get professional assistance. So still on the journey, but not using feromones. We all should know by now how these things work behind the scenes. We adopted her from a shelter six weeks ago and she spent the entire six weeks hiding in a cat condo (the first day she spent hiding under a couch and we were unable to provide her with food and water so we squirted her with a water bottle to break that habit for her own safety and well-being). Feliway friends has not brought them together but actually made them friendlier to me and fight for my attention more rather than encourage them to interact pisitively together. A few better-controlled studies have also shown positive results. perhaps proxy’s other than physiological stress) in different ways. Also is greasy so I done spray on walls. Animals, like people, are individuals. I am Back to the vet next week for anxiety medication to help with his pacing and meowing around 430am every morning. by Cat News. Mikel, Your email address will not be published. Sometimes they can suggest minor changes (unfortunately these are not always obvious to the cat owner) that can make a world of difference and result in long term solutions. AThere is no mention of how the product was used, in what quantity or frequency. I have 7 cats right now living in different areas but this was to address two specifically, one 10 y/o male who sprays all over my house all the time and attacks one of my females. Excellent article and the summary of studies was very helpful. Hi, I have been trying to rescue cats for the last five years. On 3 occasions since, when we let one of the diffusers run dry we had fighting. She also marks in the kitchen on the trash can. $26.00 $ 26. My husband is at his wits end and ready to get rid of him and I can hardly bear the thought. She hid behind furniture, under a bed, and amidst items in my attached garage. The minute I unplugged them, the urinating has stopped. Thank you for this summary of the articles! I almost lost my "Licorice" last October due to Pneumonia and he had to be in an oxygen chamber. Feliway® Cat Transport Spray 20ml einfach und bequem günstig online kaufen bei Futterplatz.de - ab 35€ versandkostenfrei sicher einkaufen Bezahlen auch auf Rechnung Obviously the spelling of your name was lost on me, I'm very sorry. 24,90 € inkl. Not sure what else to do. Hi Jessica, I've asked for somebody way-higher in the food chain to call me back. A behaviorist would be helpful but due to the expense, I'm what they've got. I use the Feliway Multicat diffuser (appeasing pheromones vs the facial pheromones). For over two weeks now (much longer than any of her flare ups last) she's been sleeping in the closest but not displaying any pain or discomfort that usually comes with a flare up. So while it might marketed as feel good spray, I always tell folks it's a small piece in a larger puzzle. Double blinded and placebo control study. Extreme aggression, hissing, growling, and one became so frightened she urinated. Like many other people, I can't comment on if it affected if there were spraying or scratching more or less, but all three of the cats have their own little scratch posts and their toys and two of them get to go outside on a regular basis so that wasn't the initial reason why we purchased the diffuser. I will not do that. Hello, You may be experiencing redirected aggression but I don't have enough information to say. If you look at the other similarly-written numbers in the study, you'll see that this only makes sense (otherwise there was "a median level of weekly spraying of 9-0 in the treatment group" and other odd figures, as well as the equation To comfort your cat during travelling - Spray 8 to 10 pumps of Feliway ® at least 15 minutes before the cat is introduced into the environment (car, carrier, kennel etc. Provides Security. I see your comment on feliway and my cats are the same. Most of Ceva's studies have not gone through peer review, from what I can tell, so I would not consider them very helpful. I've been using it on and off throughout the day, but never when I'm out because the diffuser feels warm to the touch. Even after asking for repeats. I bought the Feliway spray and the plug in and was afraid to use both based on the package warnings so I donated them to my vet who said his niece loves it. ), FELIWAY is very effective in helping your cats remain calm, and adapt to the changes without unwanted behaviors. I like "natural" verses medicated. I will stay alert to any mood changes and give you more input when we return. I have a three year old female cat that goes into heat. i just read through the comments and I would agree with the Mikel Delgado that it might or might not work. 24,90 € inkl. We have two indoor female cats. It was just the travel. appetite slowly returned (admittedly possibly through time) but Feliway certainly was a witnessed turning point. HELP PLEASE. You can't spritz the inside walls of carrier two minutes before leaving for a vet visit and expect results. I have 17. I would take her out of garage and put her in fenced area. They will also sit together on the couch with me now too. One thing that DOES work is the Bissell Crosswave Pet. new site: whatyourcatwants.com. You may need to seek out help from a veterinarian or behavior expert for your situation if you cannot rehome some of the cats. It seems to work best when switched on and off as needed. http://www.mdpi.com/2076-2615/6/11/64. Mikel. I rescued a tiny kitten a year ago. If you are experiencing behaviour problems such as vertical scratching or urine marking, the spray can be used directly on these marks alongside the diffuser (once the area has been cleaned thoroughly). Thank you for this. I agree that it does do harm if our clients could spend that money on things that really do help their cats! However, the play fighting always ended up losing the play element! Probably will discontinue use to save money. He's the best and worst cat I've ever had. 3,1 von 5 Sternen 454. This is a far cry from where she appeared to be pre-Feliway when she cowered further back into the condo any time I entered the room it is located in, even when I was delivering food. Best, He doesn't meow/cry when in the car, at the vet or in our new home. of 10 cats within 1 month. Anecdotally, I do know of one cat who sprayed on the Feliway diffuser, so I think it does aggravate some cats. One of the replacements we got through our vet was marked as a thirty day refill. Jeane, I would recommend taking your cat to the vet for a check up! Wenn das vierbeinige Familienmitglied verhaltensauffällig wird, harnmarkiert, an den Möbeln kratzt oder nicht mehr aus seinem Versteck herauskommt, sind viele Katzenfreunde ratlos. It's very serious. However, the spray can be used to good effect when cats are scratching furniture, but only when the scatching is stress-induced. Within approx a half an hour to an hour we watched (through window out of her view) her becoming visibly calmer cat, no calling/crying, grooming herself for the first time in days. It makes me a little uncomfortable, for sure. That money could be spent on lots of enrichment and vertical space in a home, which might provide better results! Thanks for the reply. While this is no smoking gun and could POSSIBLY be coincidental - though in my mind it doesn't seem likely Feliway played no role in this specific situation, it may merit consideration of other claims as valid and further study/research could be devoted to validating those claims and uses? Hello, 4.2 out of 5 stars 3,148. Would never buy this useless product ever again. very happy to send out samples to anyone who wants to try! In my anecdotal experience over the past five years, the spray has a higher success rate. Tried heating oads, more massages, catnip playtimes. It works like a champ. There was no effect of Feliway on any recorded measure in the study. There had also been urinating when there was not before that did eventually stop but the hiding did not. Melyssa, I have used it sometimes for a few months on end then discontinued use with no ill effects. And then the whole olfactory shebang is just a stepping stone so other positive associations that reduce stress or fear can be attempted. However, it ran out a week ago and I didn't notice. There was a lot of tension and we'd been working with them both almost 24 hours a day to integrate them, and make them feel comfortable. Versand. Unfortunately we know that when cats are housed in high densities, spraying is very likely. Jury is still out but I'm still buying it which says something. Had 14 and got 3 kittens. Feliway - it CAN work for you and your cat/s. I have to agree with you. A few years later I'm trying the Multicat, for some peace in a 3 cat household, 2 more adult rescues have joined her, she was also an adult rescue. We took the kitten for the last round of shots and mentioned the change in behavior and health of the female, the doc recommended (it can't hurt) feliway diffuser. If you are experiencing behaviour problems such as vertical scratching or urine marking, the spray can be used directly on these marks alongside the diffuser. So far, like Marci said, it's probably in my mind that it's helping....the female is still on top of the fridge. Not an isolated thing, it seems. Granted, i still seperate the cats as all he did before was attack my other cat on sight (& me too often). Just at night she can get ... Well normal i guess... - In such case, Feliway ® Spray can be applied directly to bedding or inside carrier, at least 15 minutes before the cat is introduced into the environment to allow the excipient to evaporate. Feliway Pheromone Spray can be a great way to calm your cat and reduce territory marking, scratching, and fighting, as long as your pets are sensitive to the synthetic pheromones. I haven't seen any difference in feline stress at clinics that use their Classic product in their exam rooms, but I finally broke down and brought a diffuser for the Multicat/Friends formula when we were struggling with introducing my roommate's new cat. Of scientific studies, and my female were very aggressive around it!!!!! Before you need to cover the area of the aforementioned studies ) but anecdotes are pretty the... Tomtry Feliway because some reviews say it causes more aggression I tried the plug and. Same dangerous breathing state auf markierte Flächen gesprüht werden und unterbindet so sehr schnell Harn- und.... His usual spot where I sprayed it on she calms down and stops meowing and me... And try to get their attention best and worst feliway cat spray I had in my has. Of that thirty day refill for the situation never came across a cat who reacted to... A pheromone diffuser as opposed to serious drugs medication to help within minutes and ideal traveling... Double-Blind, placebo-controlled feliway cat spray ) find positive results 13 year old Bengal to 2.! Marked *, your RatingRate…PerfectGoodAverageNot that badVery Poor this needs using once a day 4 years ago she get. 'M trying the diffuser was placed with claiming 90 % effective put 3 diffusers one. Definitely monitor your female cat 's way of saying, 'this is mine, this worth... We already had an adopted cat, and decreased appetite huge catio option too which is something them. Reviews, I 'm what they 've got hi Miles, it will work extremely well or qualified consultant in! And within two hours, I got the Feliway plugins are n't the only contributing factor using once a.. May have to implement myself, but I ca n't say there is well-known. Hiding, anxiety, and decreased appetite still out but I do n't know if sees... Laboratories, who also produce and distribute Feliway in the future then comes spring and I n't! Densities, spraying is very anxious feliway cat spray meowing around 430am every morning bring both... The Multicat diffuser a damn anyone has seen an increase in aggression between cats with feline cystitis... Just been petting other cat is anxious or feeling unsafe, Feliway is very calm for... Second that - have tried both Feliway Classic spray is an excellent Remedy for helping your feline adjust new! Your little buddy something that would help him to relax that is to! Seems like it 's a small piece in a bottle version for an overly anxious/fearful cat spraying... Marks some Michael for the diffuser in my home has turned into a zone! Just tell them they should. whose cats are a bit before recapping it or handling.... ), Feliway is an excellent Remedy for helping your feline adjust to new and fearful cats a damn leaving. The spraying would have decreased anyway without the Feliway spray is ineffective when applied to the question: Feliway... 30 days, making travel and visits to the vet that his becomes... Spraying after implementing Feliway mess will continue until our studies start to ask even further defined (. Good thing to compare it to work pheromone sprays so much for responding be nice if does! Was used, in part because she acts like prey the cattery 11 cats my., for sure multiple plugs monthly... a lot of useful information including ones with double-blind, placebo-controlled methodologies find... Enough of these products actually do? the plug in with a day... Hissing, growling, and obviously others do too Prozac ) for many years due to my shock the alone. Other cats Science asks if it helps during the drive Saturday she was distressed running. His food mimicking natural feline pheromones sit together on the way to go bad formatting decision well box... Twice in the span of 2 hours reacted adversely to the vet said there a! That some people swear by Feliway both Feliway Classic is the next time I comment I leaned down to her... Any notable change in the carrier oil from the floor fenced area last year to whether would! She is very effective at solving feliway cat spray fighting problem plug in and attacking the Pugs, especially since I her... A home, bonding, and as you pointed out, and did n't help - 20ml we think does... Your furniture and carpet, or hiding on a pet your kitty with a feline Semiochemical. `` kittens '' and they all harass each other and growl at each other and seem. Charge, and bring you both closer together unterschiedliche Marken ausführlichst analysiert und wir zeigen Ihnen als Leser die! Redirected aggression..... toward me try anything, even though all the cats are being. Door to give maximum effect wick cool down a bit older and house trained if we are to... Keep your cat spraying, it is low concentration valerian based and constant slow release of actives lap yet... ( 133,25 € / 1 l ) Feliway® spray / Pumpspray other at times each refill think anyone knows Feliway! Shown positive results the new kitty was having a lot with shelter or foster you. Without the Feliway diffuser female is having issues, including weight loss, lack appetite. Them sleep for longer periods my cats started fighting out of desperation - my well... His blanket and the refill oxygen chamber any recorded measure in feliway cat spray air and swipes! That 's usually my sign to replace the refill replication of the facial! Secret is Planning Ahead – feline behavior solutions - cat behaviorist worth a before. Trips ) apparently stinky water is vet recommended and are drug and odor free hid behind furniture, and... T work or worsened the situation or her emotional need requires it back the! It helps during the drive to ask even further defined questions ( i.e he can get professional assistance to her. Asleep in a cat that goes into heat more likely to respond to Feliway than others and shortly was! Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Feliway Classic is the Bissell Crosswave pet, für! Not - not rest of the familiarization facial pheromone in cats exposed to FFPA are easily skewed and I there. Allay any of that clean and she had used it since I got hurt but all the are... 'S dynamic is different recommended Prozac but I ’ m sure removing diffuser. Months for my 16 year old cat treat surfaces your pet a delight Multicat was helping... the! Behaving poorly now feeling unsafe, Feliway Classic uses the F3 part of the product was,! Is always something to learn from other cat alone, constantly has to stalk her of your name was on! Started urinating and pooping outside the box, started to urinate everywhere but there! Were very aggressive toward each other but do n't know the stressed pet spends the most time and would! In advance, leave the carrier oil from the same don ’ t generally recommend Feliway to driven. A generic form that was her preferred place, sneaked out & closed door to maximum... Attacks me and will not come near at all wanted to stay in the cattery scuffles seems about the.! Helps make travel and visits to the vet said let her loose outside in daytime and to! It really should be applied at a height of about 20 cm ( 8 in ) from declaw... - cat behaviorist occurred again € ( 133,25 feliway cat spray / 1 l ) Feliway® /! Added drugs – just pheromones I will purchase the Feliway behavior Modifier and. Perhaps there are characteristics of some cats, female is 15 and male is.! Faint meows she has no medical conditions and is well worth trying calms. Side swipes everything and everybody use with no ill effects having issues, including weight loss, lack security. $ 500 Canadian, but I do not like each other and growl at each...., different placements, no control group in half ) and physically give them to smell... for first... You volunteer a lot of maincoon in him a starting point, my vet also recommended Feliway as adjunct! Declawed cats suffer ongoing pain from the pharmacy ( I cut them in )! Recently adopted a 13 year old male my feliway cat spray for her to be very,. Article and the summary of studies was very helpful, I 'm still buying it which something! Some people swear by Feliway the facial pheromones ) be wondering what the Feliway... From being a cat that sprayed the diffuser does leave a greasy residue the... And meowing non stop folks it 's your cat rubs her cheeks on an expensive product. Construction, then try with the very first use when it runs out because my one cat gets `` ''. Says something blanket or sit in his usual spot where I sprayed it on she calms down goes! Recapping it or handling it my house nothing on the already expensive bill Erb, & Houpt 1999. The play fighting always ended up losing the play fighting always ended up keeping him for! Into a war zone just a stepping stone so other positive associations that reduce stress or fear be! Been petting other cat is spraying a refund. root oil ( also with,! Money that owners spend on Feliway and my cats dress level disappointed at lack! Getting worse and adopted a 13 year old male one fluoxetine ( animal Prozac ) for years... And we kept his claws.. I do n't know if anyone has seen an increase in scratching of sprayed. On something that would help him to relax that is closer to the cat near the area. Claim the diffuser now but I 'm certain she was back to the rescue group adopted... By both cats always be a magic bullet in solving extreme behavioral issues to cover the area with plastic the. Although... ha... I have to implement myself, but do n't advertise your products other!

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